D6119A0F-4819-45FB-A64E-251F010F9FB5So the days of a starchy tasteless pasta are over. Hallelujah! The new fresh brands offer a delicious gluten-free version of pasta. Yup, it cooks quickly and fits into any recipe. Here I sautéd small tomatoes with garlic basil and olive oil. Cooked in three minutes and tasted awesome. If you had a bad taste in your mouth as I did when it came to GF pasta well, it’s time to try em again. The ingredients are much more fodmap friendly too. They are not just corn-based any longer.  Now you can easily find rice and quinoa etc. These fresh varieties offer much fewer fillers so they are much healthier. I give this brand two thumbs up. It’s corn free, gluten free, soy free and uses cane sugar.  It’s made from a fodmap friendly flour mix 👍👍  Yummy.



Live, eat, share, gluten-free and Fodmapish.