120f12a4-71be-4996-a653-59b420b16280Butter and olive oil make for some really tasty and smooth quinoa. Yes…quinoa can be tasty who knew. Paired with Peppered spiced roasted sockeye salmon and topped with pineapple mango salsa is a scrumptious medley.

Now full disclose on the salsa, it’s a Whole Foods premade salsa.  It does have chopped red onion which I’m sure I’ll regret eating. Dicing mango and pineapple with cilantro adding scallion and sesame oil is the better choice for a low fodmap version. I’m living on the edge I will choose to enjoy this from time to time. I do drink some ginger soother after consuming it to help my digestion out a bit. It does help. Making your own is an excellent idea to control fodmap issues, Ibs, and gastronomic issues overall.

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