Take some small colorful tomatoes and sauté with garlic (very small amount as to keep the dish fodmap friendly) and olive oil. Season with Sea salt and some red crushed pepper. I even added a small red chili fresh from my friend’s garden. Be generous seasoning the tomatoes they hold lots of water which will start to appear about now. Once the saute is very hot, I cover and let the tomatoes melt out a bit. You can add some chicken stock for richer flavor and more broth. Add a tablespoon butter and pinch ground clove. Simmer and at the end add in some shredded fresh basil. 


Prepare jasmine rice your typical way but add butter and some more crushed red pepper to water.  Season with sea salt.

Stir the rice into the tomatoes which at this point should have a velvety somewhat thickened up consistently.  Drizzle more extra virgin olive oil over dish when serving. 


Note: using a garlic infused olive oil is a fodmap sensible solution and not omitting flavor.

Live, eat, share gluten_free and fodmapish.