Old school chips and dip is where it’s at. Freshly homemade potato chips are the real deal but Wise brand or Lays brand plain potato chips works very well.  Simple and simply delicious. 

2  8oz cream cheese, Philadelphia brand works best for me. And please no diet stuff for this it’s just not that fodmap friendly. Go whole fat and enjoy. Cream cheese with some Lactaid in moderation is tolerable in an otherwise healthy low fodmap diet. I love the indulgence every so often.  I hope you do too because you don’t want to miss this dip.

whole milk about 1/4 cup Lactaid brand works fine. You want it whipped and light  

Chopped scallions because it’s the friendliest low fodmap onion option.

 Sea salt to taste. 

Blend room temperature cream cheese with ingredients and whip with hand beater. Chill and serve with chips. 



You will never buy store bought dip again.  Enjoy! 

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and fodmapish.