Meatball are synonymous with Sunday’s but why not eat them anytime. Tonight’s its Wednesday and it’s meatballs in sauce for dinner and yes it’s sauce, lol. Start with the perfect trio of ground meats, beef, veal, pork mix. I use grass fed no antibiotic meats. Then add in grated pecorino Romano cheese (lots), fresh parsley, season generously with salt be pepper, add in soaked bread and a tablespoon of garlic infused oil, egg, and finally GF bread crumbs if mixture needs more binding.  For the bread I always use udi’s GF millet chia and I dipped it in milk but water or wine is fine. Squeeze out and add to meat mix. This moistens the meat nicely. The Sicilian version would add pine nuts and raisins which I love but skipped this time around. I also make garlic infused oil to keep things FODMAPish. I. smashed garlic by pounding the side of a big knife to the garlic glove and heat briefly in about one or tablespoons of oil. Then strain oil to make my quick garlic infused oil. Get everything mixed well. Form meat into small balls and pan fry. I drain on paper towels but sprinkle more pecorino romano cheese.  And just a word of caution, here is where you may run out as everyone eats them straight from the frying pan. 


Sause: San Mariano whole tomatoes hand crushed then added to hot garlic infused oil.  Chopped parsley and basil which I add to the oil first for extra flavor.  Season to taste with salt and pepper and/or crushed pepper too. After cooking for a little bit I add in about two tablespoons butter for more richness and gloss.  

Add in meatballs and all the meat drippings from pan. Meatballs are not dietetic.  Let simmer at least half hour before eating. Manga!

Side note regarding those lactose intolerant or should I say most of us.

Cheese with trace levels (less than 0.5 gram lactose) Natural, aged cheese (such as Cheddar, Parmesan and Swiss) can be digested by many people with lactose intolerance. During the cheese making process, most of the lactose is drained off with the whey (a liquid portion).Apr 15, 2014. 

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and FODMAPish.