I started with some quinoa which was seasoned when boiling with sea salt and cayenne pepper. That’s my go to way of  preparation. I always have some on hand. Yes, even on vacation. I had left over seasoned grilled chicken cutlets too. I’m still in Maui which does makes everything better even leftovers. In the fridge I have a little spinach, gluten-free peanut sauce and some cubed pineapple. I know pretty sparse but there it is a Hawaiian style leftover lunch. I pan seared the pineapple (I cannot lie, I added in more cayenne pepper), then tossed in the spinach. Seasoned everything and sliced up the chicken. After heating the quinoa and the chicken I plated it all. I poured the GF peanut sauce on top and delicious happened. Whip up something from your leftovers and share it here. 

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and fodmapish.