Now I’ve never dabbled in this type of cuisine before but I I’ve enjoyed it for some time. So here it goes. I cooked off some cubed pork in chopped ginger, seasoned with cayenne pepper and sea salt. Then saute shrimp seasoned with lime and sea salt. I left the rind in lot for extra flavor then removed. Toss in more minced ginger, some cherry tomatoes and spinach until wilted. I added in a can of coconut milk and a jar of red curry paste. I simmered and put the pork and shrimp back into the sauce. Added in some fresh basil, checked the seasoning and simmered some more.

Serve over jasmine rice, use some chutney. I have to say not bad. I do need to work on my chutney knowledge and skill but I enjoyed making this dish and certainly enjoyed eating it.

If anyone wants to offer up some tips or share a more authentic recipe I’d be grateful.  This I’m sure is a quickie version and will do for now. It is super easy and tasty.  😋

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and fodmapish.