I always make a little extra salmon and keep it cooked on hand in the fridge. Can salmon is well…SMH. My salmon is simply roasted with a squeeze of lemon sea salt and cracked pepper. 

Salmon salad is just broken up salmon, more lemon, Dijon mustard, Mayo, sea salt and parsley.  

Here I chopped some spinach and oh I keep cooked quinoa in fridge too.  I added some on top of the spinach. I cook my quinoa  with a pinch cayenne pepper a wedge of organic lemon, tablespoon olive oil and sea salt. It is great to add to any salad for a more hardy meal. 

Add salmon to middle of dish. Garnish with sunflower seeds and grated radish. 

Yep a  healthy and pretty lunch you and everyone will love. This one is gluten-free, very low fodmap and mine is organc. The sunflower seeds add the slight crunch sort of like a crouton for those needing to be gluten free. The grated radish is a good substitute for onion which my fodmap friends will enjoy. The best is that no one will not even realize the switch outs but you. 

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and fodmapish.