Caipirinha; Kai-Pee-Reen-Ya.

Is it open ceremonies yet?

No matter what controversy exists for this summer olympics it still brings the world together. And, the Brazilian people know how to party which why the world loves them so much. They are the quintessential “fun people”.  So, with the world watching…when in Brazil drink as the Brazilians do with this national drink the Caipirinha; Kai-Pee-Reen-Ya.

Yes, this drink is a mouthful for sure but tryst me your mouth will love it. Tasty and refreshing,  it’s this weeks Friday night cocktail in honor of the olympics. You don’t have to say it, just drink it,  lol. With all the recent controversy surrounding the Brazilian summer olympics, I would just like wish the athletes a safe and wonderful experience. So, sit back and do the same with a wonderful Brazilian libation no matter what it’s called. It will no doubt leave you satisfied. Who doesn’t like spirited lime and sugar? Well, I’m sure someone doesn’t (every party has its pooper), but for most of us it will deliver that refreshing relaxation that Friday nights are made of.

Cachaça is a Brazilian spirit that makes this cocktail delightful. It’s fermented from sugarcane and can be quite robust in flavor. It’s very much like a rum but it’s made from pure sugarcane juice unlike rum which is made from sugarcane byproducts.

This drinks seems to have the essence of the Brazilian people themselves with all the awesomeness of being sweet and robust. Smoothing out the punch of the Cachaca is that sugar and lime and oh, it makes a perfect balance.

Four simple ingredients makes this super easy too.  Sugar, lime, Cachaça.  Muddle 2 teaspoons of sugar and four lime wedges at the bottom of an old fashion glass. Add 2oz of Cachaça then add ice stirring thoroughly.  Use brown sugar for a nice variation and earthy taste with a more cloudy look. You could also spice it up with a cayenne/sugar rim. Enjoy!


Click here to view *CAIPIRINHA  recipe on business finder. Look for more cocktail ideas at, fun for parties.

*Always remember to drink responsibly. Overdoing with this one will certainly ruin a good time.

Also keep in mind that low FODMAP alcohols are best but that moderation is always key. Rums and such are considered to be high FODMAP and tequila according to my search has not been tested yet. A debate surrounding fermentation exists with some theories suggesting the fermentation breaks down sugars therefore are more easily digestion and unlikely to cause a reaction. This has been somewhat of my experience.  Even with foods like apple cider vinegar. Apples are a huge no no in the FODMAP world but ACV is actually helpful to me. Interesting to say the least and very controversial at the moment.

Cheers to the OLYMPIANS in Brazil.

Live, eat, share, gluten-free and FODMAPISH.