And you can say easy for this one too, Double yeah!

The good news is that SUGAR, yes I said sugar, good old regular sugar is low FODMAP, the bad news is that it’s sugar. I just want to point out here that sugary treats are just that a treat. HOWEVER, every birthday or celebration for that matter needs that sweet touch. Right? Are you with me?  Life wouldn’t be as glorious without a sweet treat in my opinion. And, you will love these macchiato macaroons. Yummmm

These yummy macaroons might look fancy but hold on. They are easy, delicious and they are gluten-free and low FODMAP, if  consuming in moderation.  

Use organic sugar too. The differences with sugars is not obvious to most of us. The word organic doesn’t refer to processing it refers to the farming practices used to yield the product without those pesticides and for me that’s a glaring difference from regular sugar.  I use reasonably priced wholesome organic fair trade sugar and love it. image.jpeg

I love these recipe videos as well. Let me know if you like them too. 

So, calling all Celiacs, gluten intolerant, IBS suffers and oh and the rest of you 😉, check this out. 

Click on the link to view the recipe video for Macchiato Macaroon  from buzzfeed. 

image.jpegRead more about Low FODMAPs sugars  



Can I drink tea or coffee?
You have many options for tea and coffee. Black tea, white tea and various herbal teas are OK as long as they are made weak. The teas to avoid are chamomile tea, fennel tea and oolong tea. FOR COFFEE (regular or decaf), black espresso and espresso with lactose free milk or soy milk is OK. Instant coffee up to two heaped teaspoons is also OK. Espresso made with cows milk is considered high in FODMAPs.


Live, eat, share, guten-free and FODMAPish.