This one is soooo true. We all connect these days but no one seems to personally interact. For goodness sakes we are even texting people who are right next to us. But, are we truly connecting with that person?  Communicating yes, but connecting? There is something wonderful about a face to face greeting. Something to be said for that close intimate conversation. That chumminess of sitting close and listening. Yeah, that’s what I’m looking for, aren’t you?  No doubt about it, there is nothing more self serving than personal interaction. Nothing effects the human “soul” more than face to face laughter or any raw emotion for that matter. 

I’m not putting down this modern social evolution just saying it is not like the old way. And for some of us….well, we crave more. The human connection is warm and uplifting to our phyche. Eye contact can connect each of us from the heart or that soul as I mentioned. Seeing friends and greeting them with a small kiss and sitting close for an engaging conversation is exhilarating for the soul. There is no soul or feelings in texting even though it is an effective and acceptable form of modern communication. Personal interaction is something different completely. Connecting is not snapchat either. It’s being with a group of people who make you happy. It’s a belonging that penetrates our existence like an atom bomb. Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing is more gratifying than personally interacting with people. Even though we communicate more these days our daily lives can be very impersonal. Believe me you don’t have 600 besties on Facebook. 

What if there was a place when you walked in everyone was excited to see you. That’s right…see you in person. Would you like that? And…you look forward to going there even though you go there pretty often. Oh and now get this, you don’t have to answer to them or rely on them for anything. Yet, somehow they help you out with everything. Well, I know a place. You are not going to believe it but it’s your Local bar. 

Yep, that place where everyone knows your name is now a proven source of happiness. It turns out that it can be euphoric in our lives. It makes us happy, real happy, it feeds our souls. We get a sense of camaraderie and purpose. Now, I have known this for quite some time. You see I belong. I have for a while. I actually grew up owning that local bar. My family runs one to this day. No I don’t throw buckets of alcohol down my throat or drink too much at all. I don’t encourage anyone to drink too much. In fact, it’s not about the drinking. I go there at times without drinking any alcohol. The formula here is interaction and forming real human friendships. The diverse atomopher is welcoming and accepting to all.  

My friends at that local tavern have helped me in life with just about everything.  They are there through thick or thin. They withhold judgements and offer unconditional support. I belong with them perhaps that is why I’m a happy person. No matter what life throws at me and life has slammed me good,  I really never get down. I can always cope. Why?  

The proof is in a recent UK study. People with local bars in their neighborhoods are happier. The enrichment which a local bar offers is boosting our happiness. It puts laugher, friendship, socialization, acceptance and purpose into our lives according to the study. The study even mentioned these people drank in moderation. Wow, aren’t we all looking for that? Click on the link below to read  more about this recent UK study called Friends on tap.

No secret here, you want to be happy then get yourself out and mingle. Walk down to that corner spot and say HELLO. Don’t be prudish to those “not so fancy” corner spots where everyone is always coming and going. For the record this is not referring to a sleazy spot. This is all about those mom and pop local bars that are well run and where most of the neighborhood is hanging out at. You know the place. 


Get in to the neighborhood bar, pull up a bar stool and be happy. I’ll see you there.


Live, eat, share, gluten-free and FODMAPish.