This looks good, no?…I’m using a bit less salt but doing soon for sure. Great BBQ fun! Maybe a GRANITA version.  Oh, I’m loving this!

Ok it’s Cinco de Mayo, May 5th to us gringos. The best is it’s a day of celebration for those with Mexican heritage. But, we all seem to jump into the fun. It really is hard not too since the Mexican culture is infectious when it comes to a fiesta. So, it’s a day filled with guacamole and chips, margaritas, tomales and lots of queso. A day of fun, food and drinks, who wouldn’t love it.

Tequilla may be the quintessential Mexican drink. I recently rediscover it since its naturally gluten-free. I did drink it back in the 80’s. The throw back version was Jose cuervo gold and we all did shots back then. I don’t know if you remember those days but it went like this, “lick-shot-suck”. Lick the side of your hand which is sprinkled with salt then do the shot and suck on a piece of lime to finish. Party shots that’s all they are.  They were fun and tasty though, no doubt. However, tequila has evolved. NOW you find the sophisticated and refined taste of the modern tequilas. Tequilla now should be sipped. No more shots, unless you are fun, then ok just one, lol. And, with lime and salt of course.

These days it’s a tequila on the rocks or up neat even. Brands like Don Julio or Patron offer smooth delightful tequilas but explore lots of “good”tequila is out there. They aren’t cheap either. I like mine on the rocks with a small slice of lime. Sip it slow and it’s a taste to savor. image

Tequila concoctions are surprisingly enjoyable too. I love tequila and grapefruit, this one is the most popular tequila drink in Mexico, the Paloma. Delicious!T

Even the Italian are enjoying tequila with this Italian Campari tequila drink . Campari is delightful too, especially in summertime.  I will bring more to my blog soon.  image.jpeg

THE REAL STORY HERE IS… claims that tequila is a HEALTHY choice has given it a boom at the bar scene. Some studies suggest benefits like it lowers blood sugars, it wards off dementia, it helps us LOSE WEIGHT. It may even help treat ibs and crohns.  Agave is the base for tequila which is at the heart of most of the studies. The fructans in agave are rich in probiotics making it good for digestion and with less refined sugar. It is also said that tequila fights insomnia. On those restless nights perhaps a quick shooter will do the trick. Who knew?

Moderation is key with all food and drink but always with alcohol, please. We must drink responsibly.

I don’t think any of us truly believe in a TEQUILA DIET, it’s just not bad for us it seems.  Having a tequila in moderation may offer you some benefits along the way.  For that reason, I’m in! I enjoy it and now I feel good about having it. In fact, I may replace my ice cream treat time to a tequila.

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all.

Live, eat,share gluten-free and FODMAPish.