Saturday night certainly is my time to have a little fun. It’s the great escape from work and stress, well, shall we just say all sorts of things. Every thing  seems to stop when you meet up with good people and good food. My husband and I have the great fortune to frequent that regular place where everyone knows your name. It’s the sort of place that is like a second home. We eat there more than once a week, but shhhhh. I don’t want people to think I’m spoiled or anything like that. You see to cook for just my husband and I sometimes is not worth the energy. The kids are all grown and out, the dog is always fed and we don’t like sitting at home. So, we grab a quick bite and see lots of friends, lucky us. Saturday nights are the most fun. Now you already know I’m celiac, so gluten free is for me and my husband needs to be heart healthy. Grabbing dinner at the usual place makes things very easy. Stress free to a celiac for sure. They not only accommodate all our dietary needs but automatically do so with no worries. With the food and friends thing down all I need is to maintain the diet when ordering  that libation. I hate the word diet, I really mean lifestlye. So, I stick to Titos handmade vodka, which is gluten free and I drink Pinot noir for a relaxing and enjoyable evening. No, I don’t drink them together! I stick to those choices. Occasionally I have been known to have a tequila, it’s made from agave and I love. Not all of us really put thought into having that drink and alligning it up with your diet. Why put all the effort into eating the right things, going to yoga class and meditating if having that one wrong drink could send your tummy into a tailspin. I completely stay way from super surgary high calorie blended drinks. That’s a no brainier. I also avoid the dairy ones too. Check out the links explaining how to choose the right drink for you. Now make those plans and enjoy  

Drink responsibly in moderation and choose wisely, live FODMAPISH.  

Heres to your health, CHEERS!  🍷